I’m Batmom

In the grind of being a single mom, I often feel as though I am always saying no. 

Can we go to Marbles? Not on a school night. 

Can we play sports?  I don’t have the money. 

Then there is the constant reminding (nagging?) for them to clean up, clean up, clean up. 

Stop fighting. 

Keep your hands to yourself. 

I feel like the biggest killjoy. 

So, I took $50 out of savings and we went to go see Lego Batman on a weekday afternoon. We bought popcorn and drinks and had the entire theatre to ourselves. 


They had so much fun. Their good news of the day was getting to see a movie, according to my oldest, and for my youngest, it was getting a giant tub of popcorn. 

I finally felt like Fun Mom. 


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