I Scream, You Scream, we all scream for Science Night

I pick up lunch shifts at a local BBQ restaurant on the months I don’t take care of my grandma. I had a particularly good tip day, and still buzzed from my ‘fun mom’ of the day before, decided to celebrate. 

My boys were excited about going to get Snoopy’s hot dogs and Goodberry’s custard. Until we passed their school on the way out of the neighborhood. 

What are all those cars at school?  I think it’s Science night tonight. 

What’s Science night? I don’t know. The email just said it was Science night. 

I spent the next 15 minutes negotiating with my 6 year old on how to eat and make Science night on time. 

He wanted to skip eating to go to science night.

He wanted to postpone getting ice cream til after Science night was over. 

We finally settled on staying focused on eating, no extra playing around, and making it to Science night a little bit late. 

My older son is sitting in the backseat, head propped in his head on the door with a total “whatever man” preteen attitude. 


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